Mostly Teichmuller Spaces (MTS) Seminar is intended to feature seasoned and young researchers in the fields related to quasiconformal maps, Riemann surfaces, hyperbolic geometry, Teichmuller spaces, or any other related topic. The meetings will be on Zoom. We will meet on some Thursdays 11am-12pm during the semester.

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Meeting ID: 813 0384 9091
Passcode: 746878


Fall 2021

  • Hugo Parlier, University of Luxembourg, October 14, 11 am (EST)
    • Title: Curves, surfaces and intersection
    • Abstract: On closed surfaces of positive genus, through classical work of Dehn, simple closed curves can be described using intersection numbers. Now what if you want to describe curves with self-intersections in a similar way? This talk will be on joint work with Binbin Xu about this question, and where we end up constructing and studying so-called k-equivalent curves. These are distinct curves that intersect all curves with k self-intersections the same number of times.
  • Alastair Fletcher, Northern Illinois University, October 21, 11 am (EST)
    • Title: Cantor sets and Julia sets
    • Abstract: One does not have to study complex dynamics much before coming across examples of Julia sets which are Cantor sets. It is then a natural question to ask which Cantor sets can be Julia sets? The rigidity of holomorphic maps precludes certain examples, and so we will ask this question in the context of uniformly quasiregular mappings with a focus on dimensions two and three. Based on joint work with D. Stoertz (Gustavus Adoplhus College) and V. Vellis (University of Tennessee – Knoxville).
  • Nicholas Miller, Berkeley, November 4, 11 am (EST)
    • Title:
    • Abstract: