Xinlong Dong

Xinlong accepted a post-doctoral appointment at Kansas State University starting January 2022. We wish him best of luck at his new position!

Graduate Workshops #14-15

Michael Pandazis gave an introduction to the modulus of a curve family and discussed estimates for the modulus of curve families connecting graphs of two functions in the complex plane.

Graduate Workshop #13

Michael Pandazis presented Fenchel-Nielsen parametrization of the Teichmuller space of a compact surface.

Graduate workshop #12

Jessica Liu presented the proof that the set of hyperbolic geodesics which self-intersect in at most k points has Hausdorff dimension 1 on a compact hyperbolic surface.

Graduate Workshops #7-11

I gave a talk on shear coordinates for the Farey tesselation. Casey Whitney talked about flip graphs for infinite surfaces. Ajith Nair talked about Minkowski ?-function.

Graduate Workshop #5

Michael gave a presentation of Wolpert’s result on the length of closed geodesics under quasiconformal maps.

Xinlong Dong’s thesis defense

Xinlong successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Differentiability of the Liouville Map via Geodesic Currents”. Congratulations Xinlong!!


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